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TAPKIT on Israeli news
Interviews with our newest TAPKIT growers.

What can you grow in a TAPKIT hydroponic greenhouse?

Amaranth | Arugula | Basil | Beet Leaves | Bok-choy | Celery | Chives | Corriander | Cover Slanova | Green onion | Japanese Mustard Greens | Lettuce | Mint | Orache | Spinach | Thyme | Watercress

Our Most Recent Installations

Fulinsdorf Switzerland TAPKIT Installation_2021.jpeg

Fulinsdorf, Switzerland

Douchy France - TAPKIT installation 2021.jpg

Douchy, France

Kfar Chabbad Tapkit Installation_July2021.jpeg

Kfar Chabbad, Israel

Givat Yoav TAPKIT Installation -July2021_1.jpeg

Givat Yoav, Israel

 $70,000 - $85,000
(depending on your local climate)
Begin harvesting hydroponically grown produce 2 months after installation is completed.

Ok Han - TAPKIT customer South Korea

“After signing the initial TAPKIT purchase contract, I met with several challenges getting started: finding land, seeds, fertilizers, a logistic company and laborers. But I never felt I was alone. TAP’s team gave me so much help at each step. I always felt I had competent, experienced friends who backed me up through the whole project. I cannot thank you enough for your help, especially for sending me a great supervisor.”

 — Ok Han, Ezfarm, South Korea

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